Detention Health Services

Detention Health Services

Innovative health services delivered within secure and restricted facilities

AGS’ experience delivering health services within detention facilities, including both direct care and managerial or oversight functions, offers clients comprehensive solutions that incorporate the very best of modern healthcare with proven delivery processes designed for restricted facilities.

Bringing world-class healthcare to the confines of detention centers

AGS specializes in telehealth services for detention facilities, reducing costs for the facility and increasing access to medical professionals while maintaining the highest standards of security and patient confidentiality. Our best-in-class services streamline the delivery of healthcare, improve the quality of care, and allow for enhanced collaboration between on-site medical teams, general practitioners, and specialists around the country. We use the most modern systems and tools available, from smartphones and clinical video-conferencing end points to robust data networks and advanced security protocols, to ensure that our patients receive the finest care available without sacrifice due to geographic location. AGS’ comprehensive telehealth services include full-lifecycle networking, security, data storage, and user device solutions that make telemedicine as seamless as walking into a doctor’s office.

On-site staff remains the driving force of quality healthcare

Healthcare is only as good as those administering it, and AGS has access to world-class healthcare professionals at all levels. Our work with detention facilities has given us a detailed understanding of the on-boarding and compliance requirements, and we have developed internal processes to streamline staff selection and placement. AGS refuses to accept a one-size-fits-all approach, instead offering custom solutions that take the client’s, and their population’s, real needs into consideration. Our personnel capabilities include specialists, certified physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Our nurse staff includes Registered, Surgical, Operating Room, and Certified Occupational Health specialists. AGS also has the managerial and administrative capability to successfully deliver healthcare within our clients’ facilities as well as streamline access to external providers for collaboration.